Invitation to Join the Lake Ontario IRC Fleet


Racing in IRC has become the venue for handicap racing in the last few years on Lake Ontario; especially for course racing.  As a result of the popularity of IRC, the PHRF fleet has became almost extinct at the regional racing scene (LORC, LYRA etc.).  With a few exceptions, the fleet consists of boats rated below PHRF 150.  The great majority of the owners from last year’s fleet agree that IRC is a fair rating system and plan to return in 2013.  IRC is particularly kind to the "cruiser racer" type boats, regardless of age.

This note is to invite those who have no opportunity to race one design, but want to participate at the regional events in a reasonably sized handicap fleet (sufficient numbers will permit divisional splits) under this world-wide accepted fair handicap rule.  If we have the numbers, there is no reason why the handicap band could not be widened to include boats greater than PHRF 150 (slower) band also, but it is not the intention to compete with the PHRF fleet for participation in the same rating band at the same events.  Obviously, IRC is not suggested for owners who plan on participating in a single or very few events.

The local IRC Association (of active boat owners) is in the process of arranging group measurement of newcomer boats to split the cost of equipment and to help with logistics.  The place will likely be one of the Toronto area clubs with adequate crane capacity for weighing the boats that desire an “Endorsed” certificate, although this may not be mandatory for classes already on record as having been measured.  There will be notices posted on the LORC website at LAKE ONTARIO RACING COUNCIL for the IRC measurement logistics.  Names of IRC measurers can be found at:  

The cost of the certificate issued by the IRC Authority in the UK, is based on boat size and the type of certificate.  The cost for a new Certificate is $20.00 per metre of boat length plus 13%HST. An endorsed certificate involves the weighing of the boat there is a one time additional charge for this.  Renewal certificates are currently $15.00 per metre plus 13%HST.

Those boats that want to weigh the boat, need a calibrated load cell and a crane.  I am currently making arrangements for a crane and calibrated load cell.  Boat must be stripped out with nothing on board except cushions.  Water tanks must be empty and fuel tanks should have minimum fuel, 1 Gallon or less, or they should be full with the capacity of the tank known.  Fuel must be empty for in water measurements.

Boats wishing to weigh should contact John Crawley as soon as possible.

Boats that been measured for IMS in the past can use their old certificate and need not be weighed, but will need in-water measuring.